Creative edits for Instagram

I offer Highlights and an Instagram edit in my wedding film basic package. But I often wonder if people realise the difference. My Instagram edits are short and sweet (because Instagram has a video length limit of 60 seconds) and so it’s because of that I choose to be more creative with my edit of my Instagram wedding films.

Here is the Instagram edit one of my favourite weddings from 2018. Mark is a DJ who grew up listening to Biggie, Tupac, Dre and Snoop so of course I had to do a HipHop inspired edit (watch it now below…..)

I found the perfect track and listened to it on loop in the car while driving, while cooking and doing house work. I like to really get the songs I use in my head because I when I hear them, I start to visualise the edit. Is that just me? I’ve spoken to friends / past couples about this and they don’t experience the same thing. I get blank looks. But maybe that’s why I can edit, because my brain is wired creatively to do so.

Below you can see the more traditional edit which is more of a documentary style. It’s one of my most popular from 2018 because it’s full of emotion and fun.

Two different edits with different outcomes. And I love both edits equally. And I know I should never start a sentence with and but that’s how I talk so…..

Sally Johns