5 Reasons you need an EXPERIENCED Wedding Videographer

1.       Spend money on the things that last after your wedding. 

You will want to watch you wedding film on your 1 year anniversary, you will want to show your children and their children.

An experienced and talented wedding videographer will capture moments and people at their most natural. 

Let’s face it, very few of us have a bottomless pot of money, so choose how you spend your budget wisely.    Do you really need those personalised dressing gowns and slippers?  Or would you rather spend a little more on a high quality film of your day.

2. It goes so fast!!

Time flies when you’re having fun. Before you know it, the band will be playing their last song and you’ll be hugging slightly wobbly people good bye before they jump into taxis at the end of your wedding night.

Getting your wedding filmed means that you will not miss a thing and certainly never forget it.

Future generations of your family can watch it. Imagine your grand children watching their great grand dad dancing and singing at your wedding. Imagine laughing over the fashions.

Film and video capture movement, sound and emotions in the best way.

The Horn Of Plenty, Devon

The Horn Of Plenty, Devon

3.       Don’t regret it.

95% of newly weds that didn’t get their wedding filmed regret it after the event.  You’ve planned for your day months and months in advance and you only have one chance to get it filmed. 

A quality wedding videographer with tons of wedding experience will be able to read situations and be prepared to expect the unexpected.  They will have top of the range kit and know how to use it.  The ONLY way to get good at filming weddings is to film lots of weddings.

I admit that I made mistakes on the first few, and I soon realised the limitations of my min-range cameras and lenses.  (Which is why I filmed my first 3 weddings for free for my friends!)  I’ve upgraded to professional quality cameras that can shoot in 4k which are even good enough to take stills from film.

In fact, all of the images on my website and this blog come form stills from the films I have made.

Dartington Hall, Devon

Dartington Hall, Devon

4. Find a style you like

There are many people providing wedding films and each film maker will develop their own style over time.

I would describe my style as natural and documentary shot in a cinematic style focusing on happy emotions like laugher. But some of my fellow film maker friends are smashing the dark and moody more choreographed staged style Ask me for my recommendations.

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Dartington Hall wedding highlights

5.       Be cautious of wedding photographers who offer discounted wedding film packages.

Wedding videographers usually charge more than photographers for many reasons; more equipment (audio, stabilisers, lighting) and the extra time it takes to edit and create the finished product (I would guess 3 or 4 times more!).  Some wedding photographers have seen the rise in demand for wedding videos and want a piece of it assuming that all they have to do is hit the record button instead of the shutter button.

It is not that simple.  Wedding videography is a skill that takes the experience of honing skills and shooting many weddings.   There a very few photographers will be able to pull it off and deliver a video product at the same level as their photos.  Be careful not to be fooled by a slick, stylish looking website with lovely photos and expect the same from their budget video package.

If you are considering this, ask to see a few examples of their work and how many weddings they’ve filmed to date.

ALL PICTURES IN THE BLOG ARE STILLS FROM TWO OF MY WEDDING FILMS SHOT AT DARTINGTON HALL AND THE HORN OF PLENTY - two of my most favourite Devon wedding venues with the same wedding highlights shown above

Dartington Hall, Devon

Dartington Hall, Devon

The Horn Of Plenty, Devon

The Horn Of Plenty, Devon

Sally Johns