Myths about wedding videos explained

I was getting my nails done the other day by my friend Tilly at T H beauty, Newton Abbot and as small business owners, we often talk shop about our businesses and bounce ideas off each other. She said that I should some how tell people what I do and how I’m different to the conventional or old fashioned wedding film maker that some people imagine.

She explained that until she met me, (we were next to each other at a wedding fair and I was showing some of my past films) she had no idea how much wedding films had evolved.  Because I’m involved in the wedding film industry, I’m regularly exposed to all of the different style of films available and I forget that newly engaged couples most probably aren’t !

Good bye the days of uncle Bob and his big camcorder filming from the back of the church.

Hello fantastic stylistic wedding films to be proud of.

Canonteign Falls, Devon

Canonteign Falls, Devon

So here goes, a few things I think any newly engaged couple you should know about modern wedding film makers.

  •     All wedding videos are the same. WRONG. There are many different styles around so start doing your homework and find a few you like the look of and give them a stalk on social media.  Follow their Facebook account and watch their Instagram stories so that you can get to know them in advance and figure out if they’re the kind of person you’d like hanging out with all day at your wedding.

I think finding the right wedding film maker for you is like finding the right dress, you’ll just know. You’ll just like everything about them; their style, their interests. You’re basically looking for someone who can be like a friend on your wedding day. Someone who will fit in with your family and mates and enjoy the day as much as you all do.

If logistically possible, meet them before hand for a chat.  I personally love a good tea and cake date and know of some excellent tea rooms around Devon.  Or if it’s too far to travel, video Skype is the next best thing.

But before you fall in love too much with someones style, make sure that they’re available on your date!

  •    I don’t like my photo being taken or the sound of my own voice, I dread seeing myself on film!

Look, an experienced wedding videographer will make you look and sound A-Maze-Zing. We pick the best angles, best light and only use shots of you looking deliriously happy and in love.

I film all day and end up with hours of footage but only the very best shots make the cut into the final films.   I want my couples to watch back their best day and see themselves looking their very best.   It’s not every day a girl gets her hair, nails, make up professionally done and for most their wedding dress will be the most expensive item of clothing they’ve ever worn!    The boys will have freshly barbered hair and a smooth close shave (or oiled beard).  So no one wants to see themselves pulling a funny face while confetti gets stuck in their teeth (believe me, this happens)

I believe it’s my job to make people look their very best and most happiest in their wedding film and I am an expert at pulling this off!

Torre Abbey Wedding, Devon

Torre Abbey Wedding, Devon

  •        It costs a fortune, I’ll never afford a film crew at my wedding.

Well there are many levels of wedding film makers to suit all budgets. I find myself reasonably priced in the mid range. I’m not big bucks for only the stinking rich, but I’m not cheap as chips either.

On average my couples pay £1550 per wedding and I offer interest free payment plans so that you can spread the cost and budget accordingly.

I mostly shoot solo which helps to keep the costs down.  If I hire an assistant I need to pay them and that is passed on to couples via my fee.

Barons Hill Farm, Devon Wedding

Barons Hill Farm, Devon Wedding

  •        Videographers have loads of massive cameras everywhere.

Yeah, some do, but not me.  Some of the more cinematic wedding videographers come with loads of equipment and take over your day, but not me.  I usually shoot alone and I use small (but amazingly professional) handheld Sony cameras so I can shoot discretely.

I shoot in a documentary style and most of my couples tell me they barely noticed me on the day and are amazed at all the amazing footage I capture.  They tell me they didn’t even realise I was filming certain parts and that’s my goal.  People change when they see a camera on them. They stiffen, they become self-conscious, so I try to avoid this. in fact, when I see that people realise that I’m filming them I stop and move on.

Rockbeare Manor, Exeter

Rockbeare Manor, Exeter

This blog features stills from films of some of my favourite weddings in Devon

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Sally x

Sally Johns