I film parties too

I don’t just film weddings.

Being a videographer, I like to give the gift of one of my films to my nearest and dearest.  Even if they have to wait a while!  (Only just finished editing my dads 70th birthday that I filmed 18th months ago! - which, if you’re interested, you can watch below….)

Family Garden Party For Pop’s 70th

Making films of nights out, friends in bands and their gigs, hen do’s and snowboarding holidays is in fact how I started out making wedding films. Way back when (like, before Instagram and Snapchat) I would make short little films and share them on Facebook and I would get such a buzz out of all the likes and comments (I’m still a bit of a social media addict now). So when my two of my bestest and oldest friends were getting married and asked me to “make one of my videos of their wedding” I was ecstatic. I still remember the teary phone call I received from her (while I was shopping in Primark) where she was telling me how amazing the film was and how over the moon they both were.

That reaction was like crack to me. I wanted more.

Which is when I realised that I could earn a living off making people happy. Because, without sounding a dick, that’s what I do. I make films that bring all the feels out of people. Happiness. Love. Joy. Laughter.

Last year one of my other best friends (who has also been my hairdresser for my whole adult life) threw a party for her son's 3rd birthday party, I jumped at the chance to capture it for her.   I made her a “pretty much priceless short film (her words)" of her boys birthday party.

Him and his little besties took over an indoor soft play centre and I filmed the carnage. They were bombing about on bikes and trikes having a whale of a time. 3 is such a good age, they were running around with no care in the world other than what time the cake was coming out.

Having me document his party captured a moment in time. I share this post one year after and he has changed so much. He’s still cute, but now in a more grown up way. Time flies and you don’t realise how fast they grow up and this little vid proves it.

No doubt, this will come out on his 18th or his own wedding day and his family will remember how cute he once was.

So anyway, like I said at the start, I don’t just film weddings. I can film any event from kid’s birthday parties to Christenings to funerals. Whatever event you’d like to be able to watch again and share with friends and families.

Reggie’s 3rd Birthday Party Film

Sally Johns